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The Ideal Husband
Written by Dorothée Dupuis; Thomas Min, Egon Van Herreweghe

16pg, 15.7x9.4cm, bw laser, stapled, 250 copies
Ghent: Editions Menard, 2016

"The Ideal Husband is a short story written by Dorothée Dupuis at the request of Thomas Min and Egon Van Herreweghe in response to the eponymous exhibition in Jan Colle Gallery in December 2016." — The Authors

Contributed by EVH.

Egon Van Herreweghe

14 pg, 29.7 x 10.5 cm, color offset, leporello with a perforated fold, edition of 250
Ghent, Belgium: Editions Ménard, 2018

"Editions Menard n°7: Billboards is a publication of the eponymous exhibition that celebrated the faded glory of billboards and film posters. With essays by Maarten Dings and Lisa Colpaert. A gorgeous leporello thanks to the layout by Lennart Van den Bossche and die Keure printing." — The Author

Contributed by the author.

Still lifes with books (and one object)
Egon Van Herreweghe

12pg self cover, bw, staple bound
Ghent, Belgium: Editions Ménard, 2018

Contributed by the author.

Totally Fucked Up
Egon Van Herreweghe; Marko Stamenkovic (text), Laure Cottin Stefanelli (photos), Angela Jerardi (editing), Joris Verdoodt (graphic design)

20 pg, 17.8 x 12.4 cm, b/w, edition of 250
Brussels, Belgium: Hopstreet Gallery & E. Van Herreweghe, 2016

Contributed by the author.

Inner Beauty
Egon Van Herreweghe

10pg, 10.5 x 14.8 cm, offset, staple bound, edition of 250
Ghent, Belgium: E. Van Herreweghe, 2015

"As phantoms brought to a temporary standstill these pages from fashion magazines are altered with trichloroethylene, a technique that melts the ink of the magazine and therefore allow a kind of painterly intervention on them. No longer figurative, the immediate efficiency of the advertising image is lost in favor of a more lingering, floating experience. In one sense this leads the image away from its former task of representation and back towards its material and the elements comprising it. But it points even more to the process of restoration by testing their promises and salutary effects. Representational of both the desire and the desired, the work acts as a recovery of the physical encounter between artist and material, and the touch embodied in the working process." — Dorothee Dupuis

Contributed by the author.

Best Available Copy
Dominique Somers, Egon Van Herreweghe

32pg, 32 x 30cm, offset, unbound
Ghent, Belgium: D. Somers & E. Van Herreweghe, 2014

Contributed by the author.

A Modernist Garden
Egon Van Herreweghe & Oliver Ibsen

16pg, 16.5 x 24.5cm, color offset, staple bound, 11/50
Ghent, Belgium: E. Van Herreweghe & O. Ibsen, 2012

Contributed by the author.

Elective Affinities
Jasper Rigole and Egon Van Herreweghe

68pg, 42 x 29.7cm, b/w, glue bound, edition of 65
Ghent, Belgium: J. Rigole & E. Van Herreweghe, 2012

Contributed by the author.