Booklet Library

Kae Oyanagi

20pg, 10.9×16.5cm, full color, staple bound
Japan: K. Oyanagi, 2013

2012 Calendar
Kae Oyanagi

12p, 9 x 28 cm, full color on various paper stock, stitched and glue bound
Japan: Self-published, 2012

Kae Oyanagi, with sound by Hiromichi Okazaki

booklet - 12p, 17.5 x 15 cm, full color, pamphlet stitch, with DVD, 172/350
small booklet - 8p, 15 x 3.5cm, full color, pamphlet stitch
Japan : Self, published, 2011

休憩 (Rest)
Kae Oyanagi

24p, 5.2 x 8.5 cm, full color, leoporello, with sleeve, 439/450
Japan: Self-published, 2005

Kae Oyanagi

112 p, 5 x 8 cm, 5.5 x 8.5 cm (in box)
full color inkjet, various inserts (see image below), glue/stitched binding, 133/300
self-published, 2011