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Lucky Day
Ai Oe

28pg, 11.9×20.3cm, yellow cover with tipped-on plate, b/w on newsprint, saddle-stitch, 13/13
New York: Flowers, 2022

Ai Oe

16pg, 17.8 × 10.2cm, b/w laser, staple bound; in 18.2 × 10cm printed sleeve/bag, 13/30
New York: Booklet, 2022

Ai Oe

20p, 13 x 18cm, b/w riso, staple bound, edition of 50
poster - 38 x 30cm, one color (blue or cyan), folded in sixths
Tokyo: Booklet, 2012

Ai Oe

16 p, 13 x 20 cm, b/w photocopy
published by Booklet, 2011

Plant Mugshots

20 p, 13 x 20 cm, b/w photocopy, self cover
published by Booklet, 2010

Hyakku En

50 p, 13 x 20 cm, b/w photocopy, screen printed cover
self-published, 2010

Title contributed by the artist.