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Pierre Hourquet

40p, 15 x 21, b/w, staple bound, edition of 50
Paris: Office, _

Contributed by the author.

as lousy as i can / Vague 02
Pierre Hourquet

16p, 15 x 21cm, b/w, staple bound, 28/50
Vague, 2009

Contributed by the author.

Hobbyist Issue 06
Pierre Hourquet

16pg 18.8 x 27cm, risograph & color offset, staple bound, edition of 200
Paris, France: Office, 2012

Pierre Hourquet (ed.); Work by Nicholas Gottlund, Suzanna Zak and Ye Rin Mok

28p (1 sheet, 3 booklets), 18.8 x 30cm, full color offset, booklets staple bound
Paris, France: Office, 2011

(third image above partial scan)