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Summer Zine #0
Thalia Raftopoulou (Photos), Nir Harel (Renderings)
40pg, 18 x 28cm, indigo digital printing, staple bound, edition of 200
Athens- Greece & Tel Aviv, Israel: Harel + Raftopoulou, 2014

"Summer Zine #0 was created ​with the joined efforts of the visual artists Nir Harel, currently living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel and Thalia Raftopoulou, based in Athens, Greece. The printed matter, whose digital version is available online, features a selection of 3D renderings entitled 'New Family' by Nir Harel and selected photos from the series 'Still Lifes With A Biscuit' by Thalia Raftopoulou. It includes texts edited from a long google chat which went on during the process​ and focuses on the making of the works around their themes: order, animation of shapes, life through objects, family." - The Authors

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