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mačo pikču #01
Mačo Pikču (Ed.), Contributors: Ana Paula Anderson, Bia, Chris Baird, Éndrjü, Ieva G., Jan Herdlicka, Kritika / Monika Janulevičiūtė, Mantas Tatantas, Mariyja Ustymenko, Paul Paper, TyphoonHarmonyLove and Artūras Tereškinas

40pg, 14.8×21cm, digital, rubber band bound, edition of 50
Vilnius, Lithuania: Mačo Pikču, 2012

"Mačo pikču (macho picchu) is the premier issue of zine and independent publisher founded and based in Vilnius, Lithuania. First issue of mačo pikču explores machoism by hands and minds of 13 artist form six countries."

Contributed by the publisher.