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Papersafe #3: The World and the Totality of Facts
Trevor Powers (Ed.); Contributors: Carl Gunhouse, Alexi Hobbs, Tom Griggs, Pauline Magnenat, Joanne Ratajczak, Wouter Van de Voorde, James Bennett, Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt, Alex Crétey Systermans

100pg, 27 x 21cm, color digital offset, perfect bound, softcover, 32/80
Chicago, IL, USA: CatLABS, 2014

Papersafe #1: Sage
Trevor Powers (Ed.); Contributors: Adam Neese, Erin Shipley, Alex Sinclair, Aleksey Kondratyev, Ben McNutt, Carl Gunhouse, Choresh Wald, Elisha Baskin, Erich Deleeuw, Ilia Yefimovitch, Jaclyn Wright, E. Jane, Jenna Westra, John M. O’Toole, Jon Campolo, Juan Madrid, Justin Visnesky, Kat Slootsky, Marc Falzon, Meggan Gould, Mia Selena D’Avanza, Mohammed Alkouh, Nathaniel Grann, Peter Wiklund, Phil Bergevin, Rebecca Perriello, Shawn Gust, Stacy Renee Morrison, Suzanna Zak, Tammy Mercure, Paige Mazurek

44pg, 22 x 27cm, digital offset, perfect bound, /75
insert (below) - 24pg, 13 x 21cm, digital offset, staple bound
Chicago, IL, USA: CatLABS, 2014

"'Papersafe' is a CatLABS publication dedicated to analog photography and is printed three times a year. Its goal is to create a current, critical and thought provoking showcase of analog photography from around the world. Each issue will cover a single subject through photographs and thoughtful, relevant texts. It is printed in limited edition formats with each issue's edition size being less than 100, and is edited by Trevor Powers." -- The Publisher

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