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New Planes Public Press #2
Contributions from Hellen Rose, Bababa International, William MacKinnon, Garry Trihn, Eleanor Ivory Weber,Charles Dennington, Tully Arnot, Kenzee Patterson, Mary MacDougall, Tristan Ceddia, Leah Fraser, Megan Garrett, Jesse Hogan, Nick Briggs, Andrew Long, Nic Warnock (RIP Society), Angela Bermuda (Circle Pit), Kate Moss (School of Radiant Living), Marcus Rechsteiner (UV Race), Jules Ferrari (Songs), Chris Sammut (Repressed Records), Zephyr A. Pavey, Amanda Maxwell, Wilfred Brandt, Max Olijnyk, Trinie Dalton, Lewis Gentle, David Capra, Jack Jeweller, Siberia Records, Kevina-Jo Smith

24p, 29 x 40.5cm, color, newspaper
New South Wales, Australia: New Planes, 2011

High Planes Sound Book
Hi God People, Bum Creek, Young Magic, The Radiant School of Living, Jonathan Hochman, Erik Omen and Anna Kristensen, sun dudes, Red Electric Rainbow, Deep Magic

cassette tape, 20 x 23 cm foldout poster and sticker (laser printed)
New South Wales, Australia: New Planes, 2011

Contributed by NP.