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Brooklyn Boxers
George Spencer

36pg, 14 x 21.5cm, color laser, staple bound, 17/40
Brooklyn, NY, USA: Bluetan, 2012

"Brooklyn Boxers is a 36 page zine compiled of over 40 selected images from George Spencer’s 1000 plus series of boxers dating back to 1989. Spencer’s direct blue-collar approach to painting lends well to the traditional zine format. Brooklyn Boxers also offers an insightful seven page conversation with George Spencer and Joseph O’Neal.

'Boxing match right in the front yard. The guy calls him out; the guy comes out and they’re just punching each other in the face. They’re duking it out, and I’m just like I can’t believe this, you just don’t see that everyday. I got the camera and I’m like I gotta film it. So I’m filming it. Then I’m kind of like well this is fucked up what if they get pissed at me. I’m putting the camera down, I’m filming it a little bit, it was just kind of… really had me kind of weirded out, cause I felt really a part of it in a really weird way. So that was the absolute first boxing piece I ever did.' - G. Spencer, excerpt from conversation with Joseph O’Neal" – The Publisher

Contributed by the publisher.