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luke kurtis

49pg, 30.5 x 22.9cm, b/w photocopy, loose sheets in envelope, open edition
New York City, USA: bd-studios, 2014

"INTERSECTION is an artist zine by luke kurtis. Pulling from the artist’s vast archive of work from the past 15 or so years, INTERSECTION provides a way to re-contextualize, re-evaluate, and reveal. Publication began in February 2013 with copies distributed to a small group of friends. The zine was first available to the public in November 2013 as part of the artist’s Kickstarter campaign in support of his debut solo museum exhibition, also titled INTERSECTION. The show was at Massillon Museum (Massillon, Ohio) from 8 March to 19 April 2014 and featured an interactive installation art piece titled everything laid out from beginning to end but not necessarily in that order made up of these 12 issues." — The Author

Tentative Armor
Michael Harren (writing), luke kurtis

70pg, 25.4 x 20.3cm, color digital, perfect bound, print on demand / open edition
New York, NY, USA:, 2014

"In his emotionally raw yet darkly hilarious 'Tentative Armor', Michael Harren combines piano, synthesizers, a laptop and live string players with his unique storytelling, resulting in a deeply moving, highly entertaining performance. In its book form, 'Tentative Armor' captures Harren’s resonant, powerful, very personal stories, and immerses the reader in a funny, poignant, highly intimate tour of his own self-discovery through spirituality, sexuality and grief. The entire text of the show is combined here with video stills from the show’s premiere at NYC experimental performance landmark Dixon Place along with original photos by luke kurtis." — The Publisher

Contributed by the author/publisher.