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Artist Postcards Winter 2013
Jessica Williams/NSEW (Ed.); Contributors: Milano Chow, Victoria Durnak, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Hanna Konola, Nick Cortese, Johan Carlsson, Évita Yumul, Jordi Ferrerio, Mikaylah Bowman, Martin Kohout

12 postcards, each 10.5 x 14cm, 1-4c risograph, edition of 200
Oslo, Norway: NSEW, 2013

Jessica Williams

5 sheets - A1 poster, hand-drawn; A3 folded sheet, 1 color risograph; A4 pamphlets, 1 color risograph or b/w and color laser; sheets folded, unbound
Oslo, Norway: NSEW for Good Press, 2013

When I Push the Button
Atelier Bingo - Adèle Favreau, Maxime Prou

24pg, 13 x 18cm, 2 color risograph, staple bound, 18/50
Oslo, Norway: NSEW, 2013

Jay Cover & William Edmonds

24pg, 13 x 18cm. 2 color risograph, staple bound, 45/50
Oslo, Norway: NSEW, 2013

Roxana Azar, Joshua Bareham, William Bhats, Sam Blackwood, Alan Calpe, Robin Cameron, Maryanne Casasanta, Ashby Lee Collinson, Rachel Day, Brian Ferry, Caitlin Foster, Nicholas Gottlund, Eva Maria Grossmann, Pia Howell, Juste Jonutyte, Christy-Claire Katien, Jamie Kim, Jonas Lozoraitis, Jennilee Marigomen, Topher Mileski, Rick Myers, Alex Nelson, Timothy O'Donnell, Paul Paper, Jean-Baptiste Pepitas, Facundo Pires, Omar Shaukat, Cecilie Storkson, Kevin Tadge, Laurence Vecten, Jenny Tondera, Emmett Walsh, Allison Watkins, Daniel Wong

6 sheets (folded), 21 x 14.8cm, b/w riso, color laser, edition of 80
NYC & Oslo, Norway: Miniature Garden & NSEW Press, 2012

Do You Know / This Is Real

Daniel Wong

28 pages, 5.25 x 8 inches, b/w laser, staple bound
published by NSEW, 2011

Jaakko Pallasvuo

12 p, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, laser, staple bound
published by NSEW, 2011

Things Changing Things Staying the Same
Jessica Williams

booklet - 12 pages, 4.25 x 5.5 inches, color laser, staple bound
postcards - 5, 4 x 6 inches (one double)
published by NSEW, 2011

Jessica Williams

16 pages, 5.5 x 7 inches,color laser, staple bound
published by NSEW, 2011

Je te vois tu ne me vois pas
Celia Perrin Sidarous

28 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, b/w laser, staple bound
published by NSEW, 2011

Will Simpson & Travess Smalley

32 p, 7 x 7 in, b/w laser, split booklet, pink tabloid poster
published by NSEW, 2011