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È tornata la carta igienica!
Anna Barbieri

8pg self cover / 1 sheet folded, 10.5 x 14.8cm, b/w digital, folded, edition of 50
Vienna, Austria: A. Barbieri, 2019

"The zine addresses Carla Lonzi and her text 'Sputiamo su Hegel - Let’s spit on Hegel'. The main thoughts and most important quotes from her text merge with personal descriptions of experiences gathered during an exchange period in Milan, Italy. It contrasts Lonzi’s thoughts and the author’s personal narrative with lyrics from Justin Timberlake’s song 'Señorita,' which exemplifies the prevailing patriarchal perception of and attributions to female positions and subjectivity.

How little has changed! The zine shows how feminist thinking from the 1970s is still relevant today. The contemporary narration takes direct inspiration from Lonzi’s empowering moment and incorporates her theoretical concept as well as her demand for the unexpected subject." — The Author

Contributed by the author.
Final image is a partial scan of the unfolded sheet.