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Wild Weeds — Selected Lyrics 2000 – 2010
J. Maizlish Mole; Designed by Emma Williams, initiated and overseen by Fraser Muggeridge.

28pg, 16.5x24cm in sleeve, b/w, staple bound book in clear sleeve, 300 copies
London: Leighton Grove Press, 2011

Songs include: Eh Joe, Native Son, Glad Tidings, The Rime of the Queer Old Sailor, Low Low Thing, I Love London, Me and My Monkey, Honey How You Like Your Eggs, Tar Baby, The Long Goodbye, Skin & Bones, Everybody Must Crawl, Pigeonfoot, Dirty Little Monkey, Loser’s Delight, Keep Me Moving On, Caesar’s Revenge, Jumbo, My Latest Mistake, I’m Not Sorry Now