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Revue DAS Season One: Retroprospectiviste
Celia Picard and Hannes Schreckensberger (Eds.)

36pg, 16 x 21cm, color digital, staple bound, edition of 100
Schwanenstadt, Austria: C. Picard, H.Schreckensberger, 2014

"For its firsts eason Revue DAS turns itself into chic time machine. On board, visions of the past and the future will be discussed with grade one ambassadors. Conversations, rare artifacts, photo reports are related to weave a genealogy of thinking. The Retroprospectiviste season reveals the genesis of the idea. Featuring James Hennessey, Allan Wexler, Angela Hareiter, and Justus Dahinden." - The Publishers

Contributed by the editors.