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On The Beach
Aaron Hegert, Rob Kulisek, Arnaud Lajeunie, Hannah Whitaker

56pg, 20 x 26cm, color offset, perfect bound, edition of 300
New York City, NY: Vandret Publications, 2013

Text by Paul Paper; Work by Ann Woo, Bobby Scheidemann, Charles Negre, Johan Bergström, Jordan Tate, Zachary Dean Norman

56pg, 15 x 20cm, b/w offset, staple bound, edition of 300
Stockholm, Sweden: Vandret Publications, 2013

Contemporary Photography
Paul Paper

48pg, 16 x 22.5cm, b/w offset, staple bound, edition of 500
New York City, NY: Vandret Publications, 2013

P.Y.T. Pretty Young Thing
Flemming Ove Bech and Johan Rosenmunthe (Eds.); work by Marie Angeletti, Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry, Flemming Ove Bech, Steven Brahms, Baker & Evans, Asger Carlsen, Bryan Dooley, Maurice van Es, Ryan Foerster, Thomas Hauser, Nico Krijno, Mårten Lange, Inka Lindergård and Niclas Holmström, Winslow Laroche, Jeremy Liebman, Max J. Marshall and Andrea P. Nguyen, Luke Norman & Nik Adam, Nicolas Poillot, David Schoerner, Anne Kathrin Schuhmann, Daniel Shea, Bill Sullivan, Athena Torri, Hannah Whitaker, Grant Willing

56pg, 17 x 23cm, Xerox silicone prints, unique handmade cover, edition of 400
Copenhagen, Denmark: Vandret, 2013

Work in spreads above by: Hannah Whitaker | Athena Torri; Winslow Laroche | Ryan Foerster (x2); Maurice van Es | Winslow Laroche; | Flemming Ove Bech; Marie Angeletti |.
Contributed by the publisher.

A3 series #3
Ruth van Beek, Topher Mileski, Letha Wilson

16pg (if booklet format), 15 x 21 cm, risograph, folded, unbound, edition of 300
Copenhagen, Denmark: Vandret, 2012