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Brandon Fonville

24 pg, 14 x 21.5 cm, color laser, staple bound, 28/50
Brooklyn, NY, USA: Bluetan Collective, 2014

The Last Day of Autumn
Brandon Fonville

16pg, 14 x 21.5cm, color laser, staple bound, 50/50
Brooklyn, NY, USA: Bluetan, 2011

"A roll of film shot just before the bulldozing of New York City's well-loved Autumn Bowl skateboard ramp in late 2010."

Car Accident: BQE at Broadway
Brandon Fonville

20p, 14 x 21.5cm, b/w digital, staple bound, 4 & 5/25
Brooklyn, NY, USA: bluetan, 2012

East of Desirable
Brandon Fonville

36p, 14 x 21.6cm, b/w laser, staple bound
Brooklyn, NY, USA: bluetan, 2011

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