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Booklet Library is shaped by the authors, artists, and publishers who contribute their work. Our interest is in the support, provision, and promotion of a fair cross-section of independent publications, and of (visual) difference.

Titles on this website are a description of the library holdings, which are physically held in New York as of 2020.

Library appointments are on hold for the time being. Submissions are still accepted and re updates: we scan when we can.


To supply or revise information or for title/image removal requests, e-mail.

Booklet Library is a library. All images on this website © their respective authors/publishers; use the links supplied for more information about and to buy titles directly from the author or publisher. If you are not the author/publisher of the work, kindly refrain from using images posted on this website for commercial purposes.

"Contributed" titles are from the author/publisher.
"Donated" titles are from third parties related to Booklet Library personally.

ありがと / TY: Contributors!; Nickolas Mohanna for the handwritten BL text; ? ? ? (2011-12), Shibaura House (2012), ET AL., ETC. (2013-2015) for having hosted the Library; Utility Canvas, Utrecht, Gallery Co-Exist for having hosted pop-ups; Indexhibit & Vaska.

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