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«Das Schulwandbild von gestern — Eine nicht ganz vollständige Sammlung»
Manuela Graf/Esther Rieser

80pg, 21x 29.7cm overall, b/w & color laser, rubber band bound, edition of 10
Zürich, Switzerland: Test-Verlag, 2012

Esther Rieser is a swiss graphic designer based in Zürich, working with a range of clients from individuals to institutions. Her focus is on printed matters, such as editorial design, publication design, exhibition title design and visual identity. The studio’s approach is defined by research and conceptual thinking.

Esther Rieser

A-76pg , B-80pg, C-32pg, each 19 x 28cm, risograph, folded, edition of 20
bookmark/card (not imaged) - 9.2 x 29.8cm
Zürich, Switzerland: Test-Verlag

(images above and below are spreads and not individual sheets)

Contributed by the author.