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Writers: Anna Bohigas, Meritxell Muriel Boada, Oriol Ocaña, Tariq Porter and Victor de Leonardo Figols; Design & Photos: Felipe de Leonardo Figols

16pg, 20 x 12cm, b/w digital, stample bound, edition of 50
Barcelona, Spain: F. d Leonardo Figols, 2015

"Legalitat (legality) is the first edition of an ephemeral collective together to express themselves about a topic. Meritxell Muriel Boada and me have picked a topic that we see everyday popping up from TV news and newspapers, legality, and gave this word with its dictionary definition to all invited writers, the only limitation they had was the number of characters per article.

Once we had the publication printed, we organized a presentation in front of the Tribunal Superior de Justícia de Catalunya (Supreme Court of Catalonia) where each of the writhers had the opportunity to explained their article." — The Authors

Els Últims Primeiros Dias
Felipe de Leonardo Figols

16pg self cover, 14.5 x 21cm, color digital, staple bound, edition of 50
São Paulo, Brazil & Barcelona, Spain: F. de Leonardo Figols, 2013

"Photographed documentation of my last days in Barcelona and the first ones in my hometown, São Paulo, after 7 years living abroad. This publication explores graphically how memories are stored and how it is to remember them (usually in a non chronological narrative, with lost phrases in mixed languages and blurred images)."

Prejuicios de un sudaca
Felipe de Leonardo Figols

24pg, 14.5 x 21cm, digital, staple bound, edition of 55
Barcelona, Spain: Self-published, 2012

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