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extract of a ghost track
Rebekka Seubert

32pg, 28 x 22.5cm, b/w digital, perfect bound, 134/180
14.8 x 10cm postcard, 27.8 x 20.8cm insert
Hamburg, Germany: Materialverlag, 2014

"the main river of brussels is covered up by a tunnel and runs underneath the streets, invisible to the city's inhabitants. based on its actual course, I chose a street located by it, and took photographs of private cellars with each backwall facing the buried river." — The Author

16 Bilder
Rebekka Seubert

36p, 10 x 15 cm, full color digital, dust jacket, cover with letter press, 29/48

Ein Schnitt
Simone Haug & Rebekka Seubert

60 (uncut) pages, 16 x 24 cm, digital offset, soft cover, edition of 98

Contributed by the publisher.