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David Rule

8pg, 13.2 x 21cm, b/w, staple bound
London, UK: Covered in Toner, 2013

Street View
David Rule

each 2p, 13 x 21cm, b/w, folded
London, UK: Covered in Toner, 2010

David Rule

A Coke, Chicago, condors, kroner and grass
A golf cart, a jazz club, $300 & a wig factory
Madonna, a precipice, and a five knuckle shuffle
Nepal, Farnham, Andre, Lisa & a cupboard under the stairs
Newport, a carpet, a blowout and a platelet count
Nigel, Nigel, a horse and a poem
Pancake Day apologies, Prince Charles, tap water, & the cox box
Pine, Milk, Pisa, and a Chow
Razor wire, a kitten, a coccyx, a cake, an uncle and the Ramones
The Reichstag, a sash cord, free oysters and hara kiri
Two ferrets, a doorbell, Boy George and a big fry-up

Each 1 sheet / 2p, 29.7 x 21cm, folded
London, UK: Covered in Toner, 2012