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Quality Experience

Connor Creagan, Allon K-Libermann, Isabella Kendrick, Tim Mann, Elliott Mickleburgh, Patrick Sarmiento

30pg, 21.6 x 27.9cm, color digital, staple bound, edition of 100
Chicago, USA: self-published, 2013

Quality Experience compiles a group of artists occupying a space between the logical systems of conceptual art and an unfeigned romanticism. This publication was produced as a companion to the Quality Experience exhibition at the Sullivan Galleries in Chicago.
(Above spreads: Patrick Sarmiento | Tim Mann, A, B; Elliott Mickleburgh, Sleep Effects #12 | Allon K-Libermann, Versatile Vase; Isabella McKendrick, Note to Self | E.M., Points; Patrick Sarmiento | Connor Creagan, Something on Something, Selected Readings)

Contributed by P. Sarmiento.