Booklet Library

Bartleby Review 21-25
Steffanie Ling (Ed.), David Morris, Kate Moss, Kalli Niedoba, Kendra Sullivan, Emile Rubino

4pg (jacket), 20pg (inserts total), 21.6 x 14.5cm, folded sheets in jacket & insert
Vancouver, BC, Canada: Bartleby Review & Project Space Press, 2015

Tylor Macmillan, Hugo Noriega, Liam Shiveral

12pg, 21.6 x 17.8cm, 1-color risograph, staple bound
Vancouver, BC, Canada: Late Cuts & Project Space Press, 2015

Hammock Thoughts: with love from the Hammock Residency, 2006-2013
Heidi Nagtegaal (Ed.), Hammock Residency

74pg, 26.8 x 20cm, b/w laser, unique spray-painted cover, perfect bound
Vancouver, BC, Canada: Hammock Residency & Project Space Press, 2013

Michael Lachmann, Logan Sturrock

24pg self cover, 19.8 x 13.6cm, b/w laser, staple bound, 32 & 33/50
Vancouver, BC, Canada: Project Space Press, 2015

OCW Magazine 6.1/#20: Material Arrangement
Tracy Stefanucci, Jaz Halloran (Ed.); Artists: Andy Chung, Anette K Hansen, Christy Nyiri, Easton West; Contributors: Jordan Abel, Rebecca LaMarre, Andy Pressman, Christopher Williams, Jacki Wong

15pg (5pg quarter fold jacket, 5 2pg quarter fold inserts), 29 x 21.5cm, color, folded
Vancouver, BC, Canada: Project Space Press & OCW Magazine, 2012

Contributed by Project Space Press at LA Art Book Fair.