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Pop-Up Libraries & Events 2011

12月 10, 11日 2011 - FREE ASSOCIATION (pop-up)
11月8~13日 2011 - ATTN: LIBRARY (all 2011 contributions)
10月9-11日 2011 - ESB > TKY at Utrecht/NowIdea (pop-up)
9月10、11日 2011 - KUGATSU (pop-up)
8月19日 2011 - BOOKLET AT UTILITY (pop-up)
6月26日 2011 - YOMU, KIKU, MIRU (pop-up)

12月 10, 11日 2011 / 13 - 20:00 PM
Utility Canvas Tokyo

Henry McCausland's Unstable Sticklands & Decipherable Sticklands ( ⇒ Tugitu Vols. 1-4 ⇒ Simone Rodney-Foli's Mind Meld ) → Leopold NilskiMonitor Publishing's Under Construction & A Dialogue Between → Post Production bootlegs (Sculpture by Lawrence Weiner, Comfort Zones by Alan Kaprow) ( ⇒ Reading Material bootlegs, October 1 & 4; Kosuth's Art after Philosophy / ⇒ Dispersion by Seth Price), ...

Post Production bootleg (Bernd & Hilla Becher) ( ⇒ Bridgette Ashton's 69 Monkey Puzzle Trees & Horses Animals Hunts Queen Mother Tall Ships ∕ ⇒ Kevin Malcolm's Automatic Manual There Must Be Some Way Out of Here, Sleep Vol. 1 by Mike Martinez*) Oliver Ogden's Organica ( ⇒ Martin Brink's Garden ) Josef Konczak & Martin Seeds' Here You Will Spend Eternity Vol. 1 ( ⇒ Holy Land by Lisa Weiss Benign Neglect by Mark Murrmann) ...

16 Bilder by Tim Reinartz (black), Rebekka Seubert (taupe), Simone Haug (red) Jimi Franklin's To Fade Into Emptiness Ein Magazin über Orte 7, Sea Hobbyist Issue 1 / Ye Rin Mok, Suzanna Zak, Nicolas Gottlund ...

Annelies Vaneycken's Météorite Douce 2, 3 ( ⇒ Outlandish Photography's A Specter from the land of if ⇒ Simone Haug & Rebekka Seubert's Ein Schnitt / ⇒ Todd M Walker's Mornings/Evenings) Daniel Wong's Is This Real Life 1-4 ( ⇒ DW & Piet Langeveld's Laser Smiles / ⇒ Jessica Williams' Back and Forth & Lost and FoundWordshape's Retro Pattern*) ...

Pete Watts' We Are Hopeful, Everything is Forever, Hello Future Ian Lynam's Space is the Place Supplement* Paul Paper's Everything is Amazing & Nothing Happens* Bryan Dooley's A Real Misgiving* Benjamin Critton's The Bears.

12月のポップアップ図書室ではこれまでとは少し違ったことを行う予定です。この展示の名前の通り、期日までに寄贈いただいた最近のタイトルと共に、それらのタイトルが連想させる内容を持った Zine を、これまでの図書室のタイトルの内から選んで、一緒にお見せいたします。ここでは、物理的、あるいはコンセプトベースの繋がりを通して、小規模出版における現在のプラクティスとコンテンツについて考えてみます。今回は、Booklet で出版しているタイトル以外にも、幾つかの小規模出版のタイトルを購入できるように準備を進めており、これまでの流通によるものとは異なる小規模出版のあり方を考えたいと思っております。

Zine などを作っている方は、是非お持ち寄り下さい。この週末の間、一緒に共有させて頂ければと思います。

Booklet at Utility Canvas は、12月10日と、11日、13時から20時まで東京都世田谷区北沢2-28-1にて開催されます。お誘い合わせの上お越しください、お待ちしております。MAP


予想していたより沢山の寄贈を頂きましたので、これらのタイトルの中でのつながりを再考しました。/ We received more titles than we anticipated for the show, so we worked on the links between those contributed (same order as shown at left):

illustration, yellow cover ( ⇒ illustrations comp ⇒ illustrated) → yellow of the cover → yellow of the cover & by the same publisher / Paul Ricœur → Lawrence Weiner, Kaprow ( ⇒ related endeavors in recovering publications / ⇒ recovering cultural agency), scheme of/for classification ( ⇒ obsessive sameness & same author ∕ ⇒ obsessive recovery of an image → obsessive sourcing of an image) classification ( ⇒ classification ) imagery similar to non-parenthetical latter ( ⇒ also b/w & content cover to cover, pacing ⇒ also published by Hamburger Eyes) black of cover, same publisher, same publisher / image of sea foregrounded the sea Sea Ye Rin Mok contributed photographs to the latter newspaper format ( ⇒ photo title, sent with the latter ⇒ also had uncut pages / ⇒ similarity of photos )newsprint, screenprinted ( ⇒ same author / ⇒ author once published a title by the author of the two previous ⇒ pattern and collated displacements) also screenprinted?, screenprinted cover, same author cutaways of previous ... Paolo Soleri writeupgreen of cover, content in tone as with the previous title green grid of cover, also photo-based, graphics of text pages graphics as/and deliberate framework for content!

* to be indexed on the Library page

Broadsides / guides (IRL - A3, folded in sixths):


11月8~13日 2011 , Kosmos Lane Gallery

Additional images available on the blog.

Kosmos Lane Gallery
〒 151-0064 渋谷区上原 2-29-6

ここで展示される図書室のタイトルは2011年度の寄贈・購入されたものに限り、タイトルに関係する全ての方の名前を、展覧会で無料にて配布するインデックスに掲載いたします。皆様のタイトルをサポートし、プロモートするためにも、現在ウェブサイトにて掲載している事項に関して空白の部分(特にURL) を埋めるため情報をお持ちの方は、BOOKLET まで御一報下さい。

November 8th - 13th, 2011 ; 13:00-19:30 Daily.
At: Kosmos Lane Gallery
2-29-6-1F Uehara,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Komabatoudaimae Station - 8 min. walk
Higashikitazawa Station - 10 min. walk

Booklet Press & Library invites you to ATTN : LIBRARY, a Booklet Library exhibition at Kosmos Lane Gallery in Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan), from November 8th - 13th, 2011.

The show will include 300+ art related, small-press publications and zines contributed to the Booklet Library in 2011; titles are by 200+ artists/authors, from 16 countries. A printed index of all titles and contributing authors/publishers will be made available at the exhibition.

If you would like to contribute your publications for inclusion in ATTN : LIBRARY (deadline is November 1st) and other pop-up libraries (open deadline), please see this page. 東京で小規模の出版をされている方は、是非ご連絡下さい。

図書室に関するアップデートを送信しています、メーリングリストに参加して下さい:/ Join the mailing list for updates:


ESB > TKY (Booklet Pop-up Library)
10月9~11日 2011; NOW IDeA (at Utrecht), Japan

日程: 2011. 10.8(土)-10(月・祝): 12:00-20:00
場所: NOW IDeA
住所: 東京都港区南青山5-3-8 パレスミユキ2F

この度、NOW IDeAにてアメリカ東海岸一帯 (Eastern Seaboard) から寄贈いただいたものを展示致します。ニューヨーク、フィラデ ルフィアなど、近場でありながら異なるアートシーンを背景に作成 されている Zines を手に取って比較すると、個人個人の創作意欲を取り巻く、人と人のつながりによって作品を作ろうとする独特のムードが感じられると思います。人とアイデアのつながりを作るブックレットや Zines を是非ご覧下さい。参加する作者は以下の通りです。

We will be showing contributions from the Eastern Seaboard at NOW IDeA, part of a bookstore called Utrecht in Tokyo. Select titles from the following authors were included in the show:

Emily BurtnerCasual Living (Donna Chung and Time Lokiec)、Joel EveyTerence HannumTurner HillikerJesse HleboIFS, Ltd.Chloé MarattaEric MarthSean MonahanChad MuthardJacob PastrovichMichael ParkerMike PerryPretty Good ZineSchematic QuarterlyDavid RoesingClayton SchiffSqualeJordan SullivanReed AltemusAthena TachaIgal & Jaime & Mario PermuthEric Viet ...

Full list of titles to follow.

Special thanks to Hiroshi Eguchi and Futoshi Miyagi at Utrecht & Noritake for being a pal!


KUGATSU (Booklet Pop-up Library)
9月10、11日 2011; Utility Tokyo, Japan

The smallest zine in the library,
tadayottieru by Oyanagi Kae, contributed at Kugatsu.

If you need additional images of your zine specifically, please e-mail us.

The next Booklet Library pop-up library:

KUGATSU (Japanese for September)
At Utility Canvas on September 10-11th
Noon - 8P
地図:東京都世田谷区 北沢2-28-1 慶水ビル2F

8月19日以降に寄贈いただいたタイトルです: / Contributions received after 19 August:

(This will be updated until the day of the event and is subject to revision, any changes will be noted later)

Abbe, Dan. Hokkaido: Camping Alone. Self, 2011
Affonso, Flavio. Aimanville. Fibra Casa Editoria, 2010
Altemus, Reed
-- with Various Authors. Farrago #2. S/p as Farrago, 2002
Anderson, Morten. Blå Skog / Blue Forest. Self, 2009
Ballance, Alison. Spiritus Spiro. Self, 2011
Barham, Anna. Return To Leptis Magna. Self, 2010
Bianchi, Filipe. INDIA. Self, 2010
Bueno, Manuel. Libreta azul. Ediciones Hungría
Burger, Michiel. All self-published.
-- 1 bikini, 2011
-- 8 underpants, 2011
-- 18 indians, 2011
Burtner, Emily. Both Self published. ** to be indexed
-- Keystone, 2010
-- Composition, 2011
Calva, María Eugenia. Antes de Dormir. Ediciones Hungría
da Silva, Santiago. Día de asueto. Ediciones Hungría, 2011
David, Ben. Both self-published.
-- Sasayama, Hyogo, 2011
-- Sensations, 2011
Éditions du Livre (publisher).
-- Fortune Bookie #1 (Christopher Stanton & Sarah-Louise Barbett), 2011
-- Fortune Bookie #5 (Félicia Atkinson & Anne Brugni), 2011
-- Fortune Bookie #7 (Rop van Mierlo & Erwin Thomasse), 2011
El Jardin
-- Colleccion, 2007
Eto, Yui. Stomach Excess. Booklet Press, 2011
Guimont, Lena. Party 12/09/2000. Self, 2000
Gunhouse, Carl. American Desire. Arts & Sciences PRESS, 2011
Hands on Papers. Zum Geleit, 2010
Hannum, Terence with Alexander Binder. DARK MATTER/DUNKLE MATERIE . Self, 2011
Hare, Pablo. Bosque de Piedra. All Toromuerto Press, 2009
Hilliker, Turner. All self-published.
-- Prompt Writings, 2010
-- Friends From College, 2011
Hlebo, Jesse. Still, Life: Part 1. Swill Children, 2011
Hsiung, Michael. Doobert Life, Issue 1. Trineo, 2010
IFS, Ltd. IFS, Ltd. Futures Newsletter, Opportunity Amidst Uncertainty, 2010
Johnsen, Chris. Untitled, 2011.
Kessler, Ariel. Hour of Lead. (Printed and made by) John Steck Jr., 2010. ** to be indexed
Lost Boy Zine. Issue Three. Self, 2011
Lucas, Jason. All Of This Can Be Broken. Self, 2011
MacLean, John. All published by Hunter & James
-- A to B, 2011
-- Two and Two, 2010
Mantella, María. Los pies del alma. Fibra Casa Editoria, 2011
Maric, Sacha. Thrashers. Self, 2010 ** ** to be indexed
McNeil, Sara. Both self-published.
-- Stastictical Analysis of The Things That Happen But Don't Matter and everything else, 2007
-- Updated Report of Observations Which Seem to Reflect Abstractly on Life, 2010
Minn, Elina. Pyjama Infinity. NAPA Books, 2009
Muthard, Chad. Senseless Violence Occurs in a Dark Room. Self, 2010
Morishita, Yu. Footings. Booklet, 2011.
Nord, James and Travis Ekmark. Pretty Good Summer. Self as PGS, 2011
Niebauer, Jason. B & W / GHOST TOWN. Self, 2011
No Thoughts. No Thoughts #6, 2011
Oe, Ai with Evita Yumul. AH HA... Booklet, 2011
P & Co.. Sara & Gerald. --
Palermo, Michela. As I Was Following You. Self, 2010
Pallasvuo, Jaakko. How you should make cement for mending stones. NAPA Books, 2009
Pastrovich, Jacob. I Still Don’t Know Which Way To Go. Self, 2011
Perrin, Renaud. Volcano. NAPA Books, 2009
Prpic Hedtke, Lacey.
-- Cereal Boxes and Milk Crates : Zine Libraries and Infoshops Are Now. Self, 2008
-- Likes/Dislikes. Self, 2005
Rapia, Kati. Miracle Baby. NAPA Books, 2005
Rope, Jenny. Untitled, NAPA Books, 2010.
Ruiz, Francesc. Manga Mammoth. Save As..., 2009
Saarinen, Samuli Otto-Henrik. Hyrsky. NAPA Books, 2010
Save As... Zeitgeist. Variations & Repetitions, 2010
Sirvent, Javier. Móviles. Ediciones Hungría
Steck, John. Found Piles & Other Topographics, 2010/11 ** to be indexed
Sullivan, Jordan. No Regrets For Our Youth. Self, 2011
Tacha, Athena. Little Habits, 1980.
Tamorri, Gianluca. 75003. Self, 2011.
Topocopy. Risografia, 2011
Tyler, Adrian. externalities. Self, 2011
Tsuboi, Nene. Nice to meet you. NAPA Books, 2007
Vanthuyne, Stefan. From Here Into Oblivion. Self, 2011
Vaughn, Graeme. Prague. Self, 2010
Vitaliti, Martin. Líneas Cinéticas. Save As..., 2010
Watts, Harry. All Black Box Press.
-- FINDS, 2010
-- STUDIO, 2010
Whatever Press (with Idea Books). Vormgeving. IB x WP, 2010
Whiskie, Kimm. Supersilent. good morning light, 2010.


A group Library organized by Whatever Press
9月3日 2011; Asahi Art Square, Tokyo, Japan
Booklet's contribution selected by ET AL., ETC. (info at right)

Please mouseover covers for names, click for links:

From the projection / YM talking about titles:

Vormgeving donated by Whatever Press!

(from Toshiaki Koga (editor)):

[General information]
"Approaches to What?"
Place: Aasashi Art Square, at Asakusa, Tokyo.
Date: 3 September 2011 (Saturday)
Opening Time: 13:00-21:00
project by So Hashizume (designer), Toshimasa Kimura (designer), Takashi Kato (writer) & Toshiaki Koga (editor).


"What's really going on, what we're experiencing, the rest, all the rest, where is it? How should we take account of question, describe what happens every day and recurs every day: the banal, the quotidian, the obvious, the common, the ordinary, the infra-ordinary, the background noise, the habitual?"
- Georges Perec, Approaches to What? (1973)

For this event "Approaches to What?," we will produce a collectively built library in the art institution, Asahi Art Square and transform the institution into temporary emancipated space that aims to be something in-between school, kitchen and library. While reading a book from the collective library, you will sit around a table and talk together with guests and other participants. This dialogical practice is an exercise to alter the relationship between artist/spectator, teacher/student, author/reader, seller/buyer and host/guest.

More info.

Approaches to What? においてBooklet Press と図書室のマテリアルを ET AL., ETC. がキュレートし紹介いたします。ET AL., ETC. からイベントの設定に対する応対、またイベントの詳細を頂き次第、アップデートいたします。

Booklet will be showing titles through and selected by ET AL., ETC. from Booklet's Press & Library halves.


追って翻訳を追加いたします。 / The titles we selected for Approaches to What? are bound by their knowing what. These are endeavors in small-press (and beyond) that --as a result of the artist-artist / artist-publisher relationship, or organization of group material-- lend more than the meaning of practices within a medium or format, they transmit their promise and responsibility as well. These titles are forms of legibility that for us sustain cultural production.

We would like to thank all the authors, artists and publishers who have contributed their work to the Booklet Library.
-- ET AL., ETC.


Library titles selection:
- Brainscan Zine #20 by Alex Wrekk
- Carretera Central by Pablo Hare
- Frei #7 & #8 by soda-design, et al.
- Little Habits by Athena Tacha
- Love Letters Is,/ by Yu Morishita
- NADA NEWS by Pepe Medina
- Portraits by Hanna Terese Nilsson
- PWR PAPER by Hanna Terese Nilsson and Rasmus Svensson
- T.B.A. by Hands on Papers
- Tragic Cats by Athena Tacha
- yosemite by Ye Rin Mok
- ZEITGEIST by Save As... Publications
- Zum Geleit by Hands on Papers

Other books:
- Visions of Excess by Georges Bataille
- Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Curating*
*But Were Afraid to Ask
by Hans Ulrich Obrist

Booklet Press titles:
12 Tulips 12 Fertilizers by Gaea Woods
AH HA... by AO/EY (distributed for free)
Footings by Yu Morishita
Hey Come Here by Clayton Schiff
Pocket Booklets by Yui Eto & Evita Yumul
Unofficial Bulletin by Pepe Medina

Titles donated to the Library at the event:
- Vormgeving : When a concept becomes forms (+ blue print booklet) by Idea Books v. Whatever Press


8月19日 2011; at Utility Tokyo, Japan

下記の8月中に寄贈頂いたタイトルはこちらのイベントで展示されました:/ The following August contributions were shown at the event:

Amputrex. Mugshots. Pogo Books, 2011
Brandt, Franziska. About Series #1. Gloria Glitzer, 2011.
Blanchard, Marie. Echoes. Self, 2009.
Calero, Sol. All published by Feather Throat.
-- El jardín inventado, 2011
-- and Christopher Kline. EL DORADO, 2010
Casual Living
-- Casual Living. Bodega, 2011
-- Tantrums, 2011. Medium Rare, 2011
Cheng, Ting. one and two and up and down. Pogo Books, 2011
Dea, Christopher. Current Locations and Nature. Self, 2011
DeMeo, Michael J. and Ariane Geffard. A Nos Amours. Pogo Books, 2011
Feather Throat. (collective / publisher)
-- FT Volume I, 2010
-- FT Volume II, 2011
Frei (Various Authors).
-- Frei #1 "Fever," 2011
-- Frei #5 "Dance," 2010
Grünke, Moritz. All published as Gloria Glitzer.
-- About Series #2, 2011
-- I even tidied up my room, Mom!, 2011
-- Raster Control, 2009
KIDS. YES/NO. Self, 2011
Kline, Christopher. Both published by Feather Throat.
-- HOLY ROPES, 2011
-- with Sol Calero. EL DORADO, 2010
Gottlund, Nicholas. 1405 1/4. Kaugummi, 2011
Le Hors, Pierre. L'ancien régime.Kaugummi, 2011
Longhurst, Phaedra. EURASIA. Pogo Books, 2011
Lozano, Javier. His beautiful beautiful ugly hands. Pogo Books, 2011
Mitkov, Mitko / all titles published by 1%ofOne Verlag
-- 16 Bilder. 2011
-- ohne Titel 2010
-- ohne Titel 2011
-- rotes heft. 2011
-- blaues heft. 2011
-- MAUT. 2011
Naescher, Manfred
-- Architecture Without Films. Self, 2011
-- Faces. Self, 2011.
-- Mountains With Subtitles. Self, 2011
Nilsson, Hanna T. Portraits. Medium Rare, 2009
Okuyama, Rodrigo
-- La Permura 1. Self, 2009
-- La Permura 2. Self, 2010
-- La Permura 3. Self, 2011
-- Extensas Estrias del EstenSiñor. Self, 2011
-- O Nadador. Self, 2011
Park, Hasisi. Hasisi Park. Pogo Books, 2010.
Parry, Emma. It's Raining Patty Simcox. Pogo Books, 2011
Pallasvuo, Jaakko. Haunts. NSEW, 2011
Peaker, Anna. Feel Like A Ghost. Medium Rare, 2011
Pogo, Claudio. Inventions I Like. Pogo Books, 2011
Pott, Julia. I'll Go Where You Go. Self, 2010
Radev, Milen. 16 Bilder. 1%ofOne Verlag, 2011
Schematic Quarterly, Issues 1-5. SQ / IB, 2010-2011
Schäfer, Jenny. 16 Bilder. 1%ofOne Verlag, 2011
Schiller, Anja. Flamboyant. Pogo Books, 2011
Sidarous, Celia Perrin. Je te vois tu ne me vois pas. NSEW, 2011 (2 copies available)
Simpson, Will and Travess Smalley. GIRLS / BOYS. NSEW, 2011
Sullivan, Bill. DESSAU. Kaugummi, 2011
Viet, Eric. Colleague, Contact, Buddy, Acquaintance. Bodega, 2011
Warp Weft Woof. 2011 Calendar. www, 2011
Wels, Stefanie
-- the next five minutes. Self, 2010.
-- Framed. Self, 2008.
Williams, Jessica. Things Changing Things Staying the Same. NSEW, 2011
Winston, Sam. A Dictionary Story. Circle Press
, 2011
Yruela, Alba. Estaría bien poner un título aquí. Pogo Books, 2011

Along with the following non-August titles:

Tsai, Patrick. Hot Water.Bathy Sphere Books, 2010
Wong, Daniel. Do You Know / This Is Real. NSEW Press, 2011
Feyld, Matthew. Forms, 2011. Kaugummi, 2011
Mok, Ye Rin. Yosemite. Kaugummi, 2011

And Booklet Press titles.


6月26日 2011; with Very Temporary, Tokyo, Japan

These and a few other May-June titles were included: