Booklet Library

Spin Group
Nickolas Mohanna

102pg, 28 x 21cm, b/w, elasticated band bound
New York: Run/Off, 2021

Heat Death
Nickolas Mohanna

128pg, 16x20cm, b/w, softcover
Rennes, France: Lendroit Éditions, 2017

Nickolas Mohanna

44pg, 28 x 21cm, b/w, pamphlet stitched, 20/111
New York: Run/Off, 2015

Phase Line
Nickolas Mohanna

33:42 CD in 12.6 x 14cm sleeve
New York: Run/Off, 2015

Control Group
Nickolas Mohanna

30:00 cassette
Copenhagen, Denmark: Metaphysical Circuits, 2013


Nickolas Mohanna

40pg, 17.5 x 23cm, b/w & color, staple bound, 14/100
Los Angeles: The Ice Plant, 2012

Nickolas Mohanna

16p, 20.7 x 26.7 cm, laser print, pamphlet stitch, edition of 40
poster - 16.8 x 26.1cm
Oso Press, 2011

(spreads and poster image are partial scans)

Interface - Jet Lag #8
Nickolas Mohanna

24p, 15 x 21cm, b/w photocopy on blue, staple bound
Lendroit Editions, 2011

Nickolas Mohanna

20p, 12.7 x 16.5 cm, b/w laser, staple bound, 8/60
Medium Rare, 2010

Nickolas Mohanna

24 p, 14 x 20 cm, b/w on cyclus, staple bound, 21/100
Kaugummi, 2010

Contributed by the author.